For copies of papers, please contact Sue Conger ( or 845-437-7395). Papers can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader, available at no charge here.


93    Do NGOs Make a Difference?  A Case Study of Rural Rajasthan by Shirley Johnson-Lans (July 2008)

        Abstract  Working Paper (216 K) 


92    The political economy of conditionality: An empirical analysis of World Bank Enforcement by Christopher Kilby (January 2008)

        Abstract  Working Paper (216 K) 


91    Mixture Models and Convergence Clubs by Maria Grazia Pittau, Roberto Zelli, and  Paul A. Johnson (January 2008)

        Abstract  Working Paper (235 K) 


90    Stabilizing the International Financial System and Financing Development: An Analysis of the Tobin Tax by Edoardo Raviol (December 2007)

        Abstract   Working Paper (286 K) 


89    Did the Colonial Powers Pick the Economic Winners?, by Patricia Jones (September 2007)

       Abstract     Working Paper (419 K) 


88    Using NAICS to Identify National Industry Cluster Templates for Applied Regional Analysis, by Christina M.L. Kelton, Margaret K. Pasquale and Robert P. Rebelein (February 2007)

        Abstract     Working Paper (454 K)  Appendix B (427 K)    Complete factor loadings (3.3 M)


87    A Classroom Experiment on Exchange Rate Determination with Purchasing Power Parity, by David Mitchell, Robert Rebelein, Patricia Schneider, Nicole B. Simpson and Eric Fisher (February 2007)

        Abstract     Working Paper (126 K)


86    The Economics of a Centralized Judiciary: Uniformity, Forum Shopping and the Federal Circuit, by Scott Atkinson, Alan C. Marco and John L. Turner (February 2007)

        Abstract     Working Paper (248 K)


85    Kelo, Cuno, and the Broken Window, by Alan C. Marco and Jonathan C. Rork (November 2006)

        Abstract     Working Paper (224 K)


84    The dynamics of patent citations, by Alan C. Marco (November 2006)

        Abstract     Working Paper (411 K)


83    Patent protection, creative destruction, and generic entry in pharmaceuticals: Evidence from patent and pricing data, by Alan C. Marco (November 2006)

        Abstract     Working Paper (379 K)


82    The Value of Certainty in Intellectual Property Rights: Stock Market Reactions to Patent Litigation, by Alan C. Marco (November 2006)

        Abstract     Working Paper (418 K)


81    Bargaining in the shadow of precedent: the surprising irrelevance of asymmetric stakes, by Alan C. Marco and Kieran J. Walsh (November 2006)

        Abstract     Working Paper (421 K)


80    Credibility and Credulity: How Beliefs about Beliefs affect Entry Incentives, by Alan C. Marco and Kieran J. Walsh (November 2006)

        Abstract     Working Paper (331 K)


79    Limited Arbitrage, Segmentation, and Investor Heterogeneity: Why the Law of One Price So Often Fails, by Sean Masaki Flynn (January 2006)

        Abstract     Working Paper (203 K)


78    A General-Equilibrium Analysis of Public Policy for Pharmaceutical Prices, by Christina M.L. Kelton and Robert P. Rebelein (November 2005)

        Abstract     Working Paper (388 K)


77    The Portfolio Allocation Effects of Investor Sentiment about the Ability of Managers to Beat the Market, by Sean Masaki Flynn (October 2005)

        Abstract     Working Paper (239 K)


76    Effects of Female Literacy in Villages in Rural Rajasthan, by Shirley Johnson-Lans and Shweta Kamdar (October 2005)

                        Working Paper (195 K)


75    Does Post-Graduate Education Affect Women’s Investment in Health? A Study of the Determinants of Preventative Health, by Shirley Johnson-Lans (Originally posted October 2005; revision posted July 2008)

Abstract    Working Paper (165 K)


74    Intergenerational Strategic Behavior and Crowding Out in a General Equilibrium Model, by Robert P. Rebelein (October 2005)

        Abstract     Working Paper (409 K)


73    Closed-end Fund Discounts and Interest Rates: Positive Covariance in US Data after 1985, by Sean M. Flynn (September 2005)

        Abstract     Working Paper (48 K)


72    Sentiment and the Interpretation of News about Fundamentals, by Sean M. Flynn (August 2005)

        Abstract     Working Paper (205 K)


71    Noise-trading, Costly Arbitrage, and Asset Prices: Evidence from US Closed-end Funds, by Sean M. Flynn (August 2005)

        Abstract     Working Paper (158 K)


70    Donor Influence in Multilateral Development Banks: The Case of the Asian Development Bank, by Christopher Kilby (August 2005; Revised January 2006)

Published: The Review of International Organization, June 2006, 1(2).

        Abstract     Working Paper (99 K)


69    Noise-trader Risk: Does it Deter Arbitrage, and Is it Priced?, by Sean M. Flynn (February 2005; Revised September 2005)

        Abstract     Working Paper (190 K)


68    Learning by Suing: Structural Estimates of Court Errors in Patent Litigation, by Alan C. Marco (March 2005; Revised November 2006)

        Abstract     Working Paper (412 K)


67    How Do Political Changes Influence U.S. Bilateral Aid Allocations? Evidence from Panel Data, by Robert K. Fleck and Christopher Kilby (February 2005; Revised June 2005)

Published: The Review of Development Economics, May 2006, 10(2):210-23.

        Abstract     Working Paper (124 K)


66    World Bank Lending and Regulation, by Christopher Kilby (February 2005)

Published: Economics Systems, December 2005, 29(4):384-407.

        Abstract     Working Paper (165 K)


65    Aid and Regulation, by Christopher Kilby (November 2004)

Published: Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, May 2005, 45(2-3):325-45.

        Abstract     Working Paper (86 K)


64    Why Only Some Industries Unionize: Insights from Reciprocity Theory, by Sean M. Flynn (November 2004; Revised February 2005)

        Abstract     Working Paper (191 K)


63    Short Selling Behavior When Fundamentals are Known: Evidence from NYSE Closed-end Funds, by Sean M. Flynn (November 2004; Revised January 2006)

        Abstract     Working Paper (288 K)


62    Ricardian Equivalence Survives Strategic Behavior, by Robert P. Rebelein (October 2004)

        Abstract     Working Paper (266 K)


61    Growth Econometrics, by Steven N. Durlauf, Paul A. Johnson and Jonathan R. W. Temple (October 2004)

        Abstract     Working Paper (1368 K)


60    Labor Market Informalization and Social Policy: Distributional Links and the Case of Homebased Workers, by Lourdes Beneria and Maria S. Floro (August 2004)

        Abstract     Working Paper (674 K)


59    Asset Depletion Among the Poor: Does Gender Matter? The Case of Urban Households in Thailand, by Maria S. Floro and Rania Antonopoulos (July 2004)

        Abstract     Working Paper (237 K)


58    Is it Really the Fisher Effect?, by Paul A. Johnson (Jan. 2004; Revised March 2005)

        Abstract     Working Paper (38 K)


57    Arbitrage in Closed-end Funds: New Evidence, by Sean Masaki Flynn (Jan. 2004)

        Abstract     Working Paper (158 K)


56    Limited Arbitrage, Segmentation, and Investor Heterogeneity: Why the Law of One Price So Often Fails, by Sean Masaki Flynn (Nov. 2003)

        Abstract     Working Paper (217 K)


55    Integrity, Shame and Self-Rationalization, by Elias L. Khalil (Nov. 2003; Revised Feb. 2004)

        Abstract     Working Paper (478 K)


54    A Continuous State Space Approach to “Convergence by Parts,” by Paul A. Johnson (Oct. 2003; Revised March 2004)

Published: Economics Letters, March 2005, 86(3):317-21.

        Abstract     Working Paper (74 K)


53    World Bank Independence: A Model and Statistical Analysis of U.S. Influence, by Robert K. Fleck and Christopher Kilby (Oct. 2001; Revised June 2005)

Published: The Review of Development Economics, May 2006, 10(2):224-40.

        Abstract     Working Paper (243 K)


52    The Option Value of Patent Litigation: Theory and Evidence, by Alan C. Marco (Nov. 2001; revised Dec. 2003)

        Abstract     Working Paper (1100 K)


51    Reassessing the Role of Constituency in Congressional Voting, by Robert K. Fleck and Christopher Kilby (Aug. 2000)

Published: Public Choice, July 2002, 112:31-53.

        Abstract     Published Paper


50    Convergence Among the U.S. States: Absolute, Conditional, or Club?, by Paul A. Johnson and Lisa N. Takeyama (Aug. 2001; Revised Oct. 2003)

        Abstract     Working Paper (364 K)


49    On the Geometry of Constant Returns, by Geoffrey A. Jehle (Aug. 2000) 

Published: Journal of Economic Education, Winter 2002

        Abstract     Working Paper (417 K) Published Paper (452 K)


48    Wealth Effects of Supervisory Goodwill Litigation: A Portfolio Approach, by John Z. Smith (Nov. 1999; Revised March 2000)


47    Share-Price Reaction to Supervisory Goodwill Litigation: The Cal Fed Case, by John Z. Smith (May 1999; Revised Feb. 2000)


46    A Nonparametric Analysis of Income Convergence Across the US States, by Paul A. Johnson (Dec. 1999)

Published: Economics Letters, 2000, 69:219-23.

        Abstract     Published Paper (162 K)


45    Price Collusion in an Infinitely Repeated Hotelling Duopoly, by Jonathan Powers (Aug. 1998)

        Abstract     Working Paper (1325 K)


44    Foreign Aid and Domestic Politics: Voting in Congress and the Allocation of USAID Contracts Across Congressional Districts, by Robert K. Fleck and Christopher Kilby (June 1998; revised Dec. 1999)

Published: Southern Economic Journal, January 2001, 67(3):598-617.

        Abstract     Published Paper (2131 K)


43    The Effect of Temporary Nursing Services on the Supply of Labor to Nursing, by Fred Bellemore (Dec. 1997)

        Abstract     Working Paper (2875 K)


42    Temporary Employment Decisions of Registered Nurses, by Fred Bellemore (Dec. 1997)

Published: Eastern Economic Journal, Summer 1998, 24(3): 265-79.

        Abstract     Working Paper (5597 K)


41    Role of Bank Branch Locations in Minority Lending, by Angela E. Chang (March 1998)

        Abstract     Working Paper (2891 K)


40    Sovereignty and NGOs, by Christopher Kilby (March 1998; revised May 1998)

Published: Kendall Stiles, Editor, Global Institutions and Local Empowerment, St. Martins/MacMillan Press, International Political Economy Series, 2000, 48-64.

        Abstract     Working Paper (62 K)


39    The Overburdened Consumer: The Economics of Technological Change in the Service Sector, by Robert E. Prasch (Nov. 1997)

Working Paper (3899 K)


38    Aid and Sovereignty, by Christopher Kilby (Oct. 1996; revised Aug. 1998)

Published: Social Theory and Practice, Spring 1999, 25(1):79-92.

        Abstract     Working Paper (53 K)


37    Social Capability and Economic Development, by Jonathan Temple and Paul Johnson (Nov. 1996)

Published: Quarterly Journal of Economics, 1998, 113(3):965-90.

        Abstract     Published Paper (214 K)


36    ??


35    ??


34    A Test of Normality Assumption in the Ordered Probit Model, by Paul A. Johnson (Dec. 1995)

Published: METRON, 1996, LIV:213-21.

        Abstract     Published Paper (187 K)


33    What You Know or Who You Know: Meritocratic versus Incidental Determinants of Volunteer Leadership, by Alexander M. Thompson III (March 1995)

Published: Proceedings, the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action, 1995.



32    World Bank Borrower Relations and Project Supervision, by Christopher Kilby (March 1995; revised Sept. 2000)

Published: Canadian Journal of Development Studies, March 2001, 22(1):191-218.

        Abstract     Working Paper (171 K)


31    The Supply of Labor to Full-time and Part-time Nursing, by Fred A. Bellemore (May 1994)

        Abstract     Working Paper (4460 K)


30    Cosmopolitans and Locals Among Rural Emergency Service Volunteers, by Alexander M. Thompson III (Jan. 1994)

        Published: Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 1995.


29    Women Volunteering: Super-Exploitation or Self-Actualization? by Alexander M. Thompson III (Nov. 1993)

Published: Review of Radical Political Economics, September 1994, 26(3): 11-19.



28    Zakat and Inequality: Some Evidence from Pakistan, by Geoffrey A. Jehle (Nov. 1993)

Published: Review of Income and Wealth, June 1994, 40(2): 205-16.



27    Rural Emergency Service Volunteers:Who Joins What, and Why?, by Alexander M. Thompson III (Oct. 1993)

Published: Proceedings, the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action, 1993.


26    Volunteer Emergency Squads and Their Communities: A Demographic Comparison, by Alexander M. Thompson III (Dec. 1992)

Published: Journal of Community Health, 1993.


25    The Sexual Division of Leadership in Volunteer Emergency Medical Squads, by Alexander M. Thompson III (Aug. 1992)

Published: Nonprofit Management and Leadership, Fall 1995, 6(1):55-66.



24    Volunteers and Their Communities: A Comparative Analysis of Volunteer Firefighters, by Alexander M. Thompson III (Aug. 1992)

Published: Non-Profit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 1993.


23    Politics, Geography and Economic Growth in Less Developed Countries, by Monojit Chatterji, Brian Gilmore, Kurt Strunk, and Jon Vanasin (May 1992)

Working Paper (3325 K)


22    Public Industrial Enterprises and Economic Growth: Statistical Evidence from Mixed Economics, by Cihan Bilginsoy (Jan. 1992, revised April 1992)

Working Paper (2483 K)


21    Convergence and Growth Amongst Rich and Poor, by Monojit Chatterji (March 1992)

        Abstract     Working Paper (2476 K)


20    Convergence, Diffusion and Growth, by Monojit Chatterji (Jan. 1992)


19    Work Without Wages: The Motivation for Volunteer Labor, by Alexander M. Thompson III (Dec. 1991)

Published: with Barbara A. Bono, The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, July 1993, 52(3): 323(21).

        Abstract     Published Paper (48 K)


18    An Islamic Perspective on Inequality in Pakistan, by Geoffrey A. Jehle (Oct. 1991)

Published: Pakistan Development Review, 1992



17    Inequality in Pakistan, 1984-85 to 1987-88: A Social Welfare Approach, by Geoffrey A. Jehle (Aug. 1991)

Published: Pakistan Journal of Applied Economics, Winter 1990, 9(2): 165-93.



16    Quesnay's Tableau Economique: An Expository Note, by Cihan Bilginsoy (Sept. 1991)

Published: Oxford Economic Papers, July 1994; 46(3): 519-33.

        Abstract     Working Paper (3343 K)        Published Paper


15    Distribution, Inflation, and Public Industrial Enterprises, by Cihan Bilginsoy (Sept. 1991)

Published: Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, Summer 1994; 16(4): 563-88.

        Abstract     Working Paper (3995 K)


14    The Impact of Land Concentration on Rural Schooling, by Shahrukh R. Khan and Rehana Siddiqui (Aug. 1991)


13    Macroeconomic Policies and the Informal Sector: A Gender Sensitive Approach, by Gita Sen (April 1991)


12    Do Fringe Benefits Cause Layoffs? by Geoffrey A. Jehle and Marc O. Lieberman (Oct. 1990)

Published: Journal of Post-Keynesian Economics, Winter 1997-98

        Abstract     Working Paper(136 K)


11    Industrialization, Distortions and Growth in Developing Countries, by M.S. Alam and Shahrukh R. Khan (Aug. 1990)


10    Macroeconomics of Domestic Terms of Trade, by Cihan Bilginsoy (Aug. 1990)

Working Paper (4167 K)


9      Unproductive Expenditure in Manufacturing, by Alexander M. Thompson III (Aug. 1990, revised Jan. 1991)

Published: Cambridge Journal of Economics, June 1992, 16(2): 147-68.



8      Inflation, Growth, and Import Bottlenecks in the Turkish Manufacturing Sector, by Cihan Bilginsoy (Nov. 1989, revised May 1990)

Published: Journal of Development Economics, October 1993; 42(1): 111-31.

        Abstract     Working Paper (4547 K)


7      The Determinants of European Direct Investment in the United States, 1961-1987, by David A. Kennett (Jan. 1990)


6      Wage and Salary Inequality in U.S. Manufacturing, 1973-1981: The Effects of Economic Restructuring, by Marcia Van Wagner (Jan. 1990)

Working Paper (6273 K)


5      Disaggregating Rates of Return to Education, by Shahrukh R. Khan and Mohammed Irfan (Dec. 1989)

Working Paper (2450 K)


4      Specification and Estimation of a Generalized Corner Solution Model: An Amemiya-Tobin Approach, by Edward R. Morey, Donald Waldman, Djeto Assane, and W. Douglass Shaw (Dec. 1989)

Working Paper (3613 K)


3      The Income Redistribution Impact of Financing Higher Education in Pakistan, by Shahrukh R. Khan (Nov. 1989)

Published: World Development, September 1991; 19(9): 1241-46.

        Abstract     Working Paper (2790 K)


2      Optimal Implicit Contracts and the Choice Between Layoffs and Work Sharing, by Marc O. Lieberman and Geoffrey A. Jehle (Oct. 1989)

Published: European Journal of Political Economy, 1992.



1      How Budget Deficits Cause Trade Deficits: The Simple Analytics, by Marc O. Lieberman (Nov. 1989)

Published: Journal of Economic Education, Fall 1990; 21(4): 388-94.

        Abstract     Working Paper (754 K)

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