This is the village of Nadal

Our property is the shaded area, and we've indicated where our neighbors live. The mill is currently uninhabited. It is used to store farm equipment and occasionally to house visitors. You can explore Nadal with your mouse.

Most of our neighbors are active or retired farmers who have lived all their lives in Nadal. Some have jobs in nearby towns, too, at least for part of the year. Jo-Jo Ayroles farms his land now, but worked in the dairy in Lacapelle-Marival before he reitred; Gilbert Hermann ran a sports cafe there, until he reitred; Marius Lacaze is retired from farming, having turned that work over to his son Jean-Marie, who is an active "bio-dynamique" farmer. Joëlle Nastorg, wife of Jean-Marie Lacaze, works as a nurse in a nearby hospital. Jean-Marie and Joëlle have three grown daughters who visit home often. The grandsons of Marie-Louise Lacaze (no relation) have preserved their grandmother's home and they also vist Nadal often.

A Closer Look at the Property