Sarah Pearlman
Associate Professor of Economics
Vassar College



"Violence and Migration: Evidence from Mexico's Drug War", with Sukanya Basu. 2017.  IZA Journal of Development and Migration, Vol. 7:18 [PAPER]

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    Journal of Economic Education, 
Vol.44(4), pp.372-388  [PAPER]
    [APPENDIX A]- Brief Instructor Instruction Sheet
    [APPENDIX B]- Student Instruction Sheet, including record sheets
    [APPENDIX C]- Instructor Materials, including certificates

"Ethnic Concentration and Immigrant Bank Use", with Sarah Bohn. 2013.
    Southern Economic Journal
, Vol. 79(4), pp.864-885  [PAPER] 

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"Gender Imbalances and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from Widescale Mexican Migration", with Emily Conver and Melanie Khamis.  2017.  Paper upon request

"Violence and Labor Market Activity: Evidence from Mexico's Drug War", with Sukanya Basu.  2018. Paper upon request 

"Labor Market Outcomes when Cultural Distance is Low: The Case of Arab Immigrants in Jordan", with Karlin Gatton Paper upon request

"Flexibility Matters: Do More Rigid Loan Contracts Reduce Demand for Microfinance Loans?", 
    background paper for CAF's 2011 Reporte de Economia y Desarrollo (RED)

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"Why Don't Women Code? Media Exposure, Education and Occupational Choice in U.S. Labor Markets", with Emily Conover and Melanie Khamis 

"Reverse Migration Trends and Local Labor Markets", with Emily Conover and Melanie Khamis