Sarah Pearlman
Associate Professor of Economics
Vassar College



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    [APPENDIX A]- Brief Instructor Instruction Sheet
    [APPENDIX B]- Student Instruction Sheet, including record sheets
    [APPENDIX C]- Instructor Materials, including certificates

"Ethnic Concentration and Immigrant Bank Use", with Sarah Bohn. 2013.
    Southern Economic Journal
, Vol. 79(4), pp.864-885  [PAPER] 

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"Labor Market Outcomes when Cultural Distance is Low: The Case of Arab Immigrants in Jordan", with Karlin Gatton Paper upon request

"Flexibility Matters: Do More Rigid Loan Contracts Reduce Demand for Microfinance Loans?", 
    background paper for CAF's 2011 Reporte de Economia y Desarrollo (RED)

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Violence and  Investments in Health, with Emily Conover and Melanie Khamis 

Knowledge Spillovers and Illegal Production: The Case of Opium Production in Mexico, with Emily Owens